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Weight Loss Program Questions

What to eat, when to eat, BMI, expected weight loss etc.

Would it be easier if I just missed Breakfast everyday?

While there is technically nothing wrong with skipping breakfast it can lead to real hunger pangs mid-morning and increase the risk of unhealthy snacking. We believe it's better to try to start the day not feeling hungry so recommend having a Dukes S

What support tools do you have for the Dukes Weight Loss Program?

The Dukes Weight Loss program is your one stop resource for healthy steady weight loss, the program includes:

Can Dukes Weight Loss Shakes, Soups & Oats be used for intermittent fasting?

Our meal replacement shakes, soups & oats can be used as part of a fasting regime although we recommend using them as a meal replacement. Our shakes, soups & oats are considered low calorie as they contain approx. 205 calories and are nutritionally b

What is Body Mass Index (BMI) and how do I calculate it?

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a ratio of weight to height (your weight divided by your height squared) used to check if the weight of a person is appropriate for their height. You can calculate your BMI by using the formula below:-. BMI =Weight (kg) X

How much weight can I lose on the Dukes Weight Loss Program?

The amount of weight you lose depends on many factors including your starting weight, exercise, how closely you follow the program as well as your general metabolism, medication and health conditions. As a general guideline when following the Dukes W

How many meals a day should I replace?

For quick weight loss we recommend replacing 2 meals per day for at least six days per week. For steady weight loss we recommend replacing one meal per day for at least six days per week.

How long should I be on the Dukes Weight Loss Program?

The Dukes Weight Loss Program is flexible and designed to fit around your lifestyle. Generally, we recommend you set a weight loss goal and follow the program replacing two meals per day until you reach your target weight. Once you have reached your

How much water should I drink per day?

When losing weight, it's essential that you stay properly hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of water per day in addition to the water you use to make up the shakes, soups & oats. Its fine to flavour water with citrus fruit or to drink teas of al

Can I replace all my meals with a shake, soup or oats so I lose weight even quicker?

We do not recommend replacing all of your meals with our weight loss shakes, soups & oats. It's much healthier to follow a steady weight loss program such as the Dukes Weight Loss where you only replace a maximum of two meals per day.

What do I do when I reach my goal weight?

It's really important once you reach your goal weight that you follow a maintenance plan to prevent you slipping back into bad habits. Our healthy recipes and weekly planners can help along with replacing a single daily meal with a shake, soup or oat

What should I eat for dinner?

If you replace your Breakfast and Lunch with a Dukes Weight Loss Shake, Soup or Oats it's important that you eat a healthy and balanced evening meal. We have lots of ideas of how to do this in the recipe section which you can find by clicking below.

What snacks am I allowed during the day?

Losing weight is all about reducing your calories so that your body will burn the excess fat you have built up over time. Snacking excessively can undermine your weight less efforts by adding to your daily calorie count. We recommend that you have a

Do the Shakes, Soups & Oats make you feel full?

Yes - there are a number of reasons that our shakes, soups & oats keep you full until your next meal.

Do I need to eat anything else for breakfast or lunch?

No you should be fine sticking with just the shakes, soups or oats for breakfast and lunch as they are designed to keep you feeling full. We recommend consuming plenty of water to aid with satiety as well as healthy snacks twice a day.

Do you have recipes as part of the program?

Yes, we have an extensive library of recipes to help you plan healthy nutritious options for your third daily meal. Please go to the recipe section which you can find by clicking here.

Do I need to count calories?

The good news is you do not have to count calories or do any complicated adding up of daily intakes. Simply replace two meals a day with our shakes, soups & oats and follow our healthy recipe guides for your third meal a day and you will lose weight.

How much does it cost to follow the program?

The Dukes Weight Loss program is a very cost effective way to lose weight. With meals starting at just $2.68 each you can lose weight as well as save money with a simple cost effective program that needs no planning and is easy to follow.

I am sick of dieting why is Dukes Weight Loss different?

The Dukes Weight Loss program is a great alternative if you are sick of dieting. The program is simple and cost effective to follow by simply replacing two meals per day with our tasty shakes, soups & oats. We have a huge range including 10 shake fla

Why does it work?

The program works by reducing your calorie intake for two meals a day to just over 200 calories each meal. This means as long as you follow our guidelines on snacking and your third meal, you will lose weight. It works because it's simple, easy and k

I have tried other diets, why will this work?

Our system works because its simple, easy, convenient and cost effective with no fads foods. Simply replace two meals per day with our delicious shakes and soups and watch the weight drop off.

I'm still feeling hungry, what can I do?

There are lots of ways to try to beat those hunger pangs including going for a walk, making sure you keep up your daily fluid intake & eating more fruits and vegetables. Please also make sure that you are eating enough calories per day. We detail num

What should I eat as well as Dukes Weight Loss Shakes & Soups?

The Dukes Weight Loss Program provides all the information you need to plan your weekly meals. During weight loss we recommend you replace two meals a day with our shakes and soups. For the third meal a day we suggest you cook healthy meals with lots