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Product Questions

General questions about Dukes Weight Loss and our products.

25 articles
Weight Loss Program Questions

What to eat, when to eat, BMI, expected weight loss etc.

22 articles
Who is the program for?

A series of FAQ's describing who should use the Dukes Weight Loss Program

3 articles
Directions for Use

How do I prepare Dukes Weight Loss Soups and Dukes Weight Loss Shakes?

5 articles

FAQ of ingredients in the Dukes Shake Club weight loss Shakes.

7 articles
Starter Packs

Dukes Weight Loss Starter Packs are a quick and convenient way to start with our Shake based weight loss program.

3 articles
Where to Buy and Cost?

How do I buy Dukes Weight Loss Products and how much do they cost?

2 articles
Ordering, Shipping & Delivery

All your shipping and delivery questions answered.

10 articles
Dietary Requirements & Allergens

Details of allergens and other dietary requirements in Dukes Weight Loss Products. Gluten free, lactose free, suitable for a vegan diet etc.

8 articles
Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Fizzy Drinks

How do I manage the consumption of Alcohol, Tea & Coffee or Fizzy Drinks when I am following the Dukes Weight Loss program?

3 articles
Medical Questions

Medical questions relating to the use of Dukes Weight Loss products including shakes and snack bars.

5 articles
Side Effects

Are there any side effects associated with following the Dukes Weight Loss program?

3 articles

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