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Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Fizzy Drinks

How do I manage the consumption of Alcohol, Tea & Coffee or Fizzy Drinks when I am following the Dukes Weight Loss program?

Should I drink alcohol when trying to lose weight?

The simple fact is that alcohol is very high in calories. Every gram of alcohol contains 7 calories compared to every gram of white sugar contains 4 calories. That’s correct alcohol is almost twice as fattening per gram as white sugar!. If you wish t

Should I drink tea or coffee when following the Dukes Weight Loss Program?

Black tea, green tea as well as herbal and flavoured teas are ideal as they contain no extra calories. It's ok to have 2 cups of coffee per day but avoid more to prevent de-hydration. If you do drink coffee, avoid the extra calories in milky coffees

What about fizzy and sports drinks?

Many fizzy beverages and sports drinks contain large amounts of sugar and should be avoided.