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Should I drink alcohol when trying to lose weight?Updated 9 months ago

The simple fact is that alcohol is very high in calories.

Every gram of alcohol contains 7 calories compared to every gram of white sugar contains 4 calories.

That’s correct alcohol is almost twice as fattening per gram as white sugar!

If you wish to drink alcohol, please be aware you will be taking on significant amounts of extra calories and potentially undoing all of your good work.

Furthermore, the Australian Dietary Guidelines specifically caution against the reduction of food intake to compensate for the extra intake from alcohol as follows: - 

"If the consumption of other foods or drinks is reduced to adjust for the extra energy intake from alcohol, over time this could lead to a deficiency of key nutrients. In view of the increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity, limiting alcohol intake is an important strategy for achieving energy balance" - Section 3.4.1 Australian Dietary Guidelines 

Download the full Australian Dietary Guidelines here

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