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What do Dukes Weight Loss Soups Taste like?Updated 6 months ago

Our meal replacement soups are warming, filling, taste great and are formulated to be enjoyed as well as help you lose weight.  Enjoy a warming, healthy and filling weight loss soup that is packed with protein, fibre and low in sugar. This means you will stay fuller for longer whilst getting all your essential vitamins & minerals to keep you fit and healthy on your weight loss journey. Available in four tasty flavours which means there is always something enjoyable to look forward to at meal times.

Chicken & Noodle Weight Loss Soup - A true classic with piles of delicious noodles! You can't beat a steamy bowl of chicken noodle soup with piles of noodles and delicious broth!

Mild Curry Weight Loss Soup - Herbs, spices and a subtle chilli finish. The Mild Curry Soup is jam-packed with flavour and spices making every mouthful even more enjoyable than the last!

Beef & Vegetable Weight Loss Soup - Smooth, hearty and warming! This Beef & Vegetable Soup is full of rich savoury flavours and is an awesome lunch on a cold day.

Pumpkin Weight Loss Soup - Thick, creamy and packed with flavour! Our pumpkin soup has the perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess which makes it super satisfying and filling.

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