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What do Dukes Weight Loss Shakes Taste like?Updated 6 months ago

Dukes Weight Loss Shakes taste amazing, our healthy and filling shakes are formulated to be enjoyed as well as help you lose weight. Available in ten sophisticated flavours so there's always something enjoyable to look forward to at meal times.

Chocolate Weight Loss Shake - You can't beat a thick and rich chocolate shake. If you love that decadent chocolate taste you get from good quality chocolate bars and chocolate ice cream, this ones for you!

Vanilla Weight Loss Shake - A true classic thats rich, creamy and smooth and always goes down a treat. Our vanilla shake was inspired by iconic Aussie milkshakes from down the road and scoops of thick ice cream you'd have as a kid.

Mint Choc Weight Loss Shake - Dark and moody. The mint and chocolate work together to create an immersive and bold drinking experience.

Strawberry Weight Loss Shake - Sweet and creamy at the same time. This shake has delicious strawberry notes as well as a smooth and creamy finish. The fresh burst of fruit flavour is an awesome way to start your day!

Choc Malt Weight Loss Shake - Take a trip down memory lane with this nostalgic and familiar flavour. Our Choc Malt shake is rich and delicious just like you knew and loved as a kid.

Caramel Weight Loss Shake - Silky caramel flavour with toffee notes makes the Caramel Shake a winner. It is smooth and enjoyable to drink without being sickly sweet!

Banana Bread Weight Loss Shake - Imagine if you could drink fresh banana bread out of the oven. Our iconic banana bread shake has an amazing baked flavour and satisfying savoury finish.

Coffee Weight Loss Shake - Smooth and easy drinking. Our Coffee shake is reminiscent of a silky smooth cappuccino and is the perfect way to start your morning.

Mango Weight Loss Shake - Indulge in a tropical paradise with every sip of our luscious mango shake! Bursting with the sweet and tangy flavours of ripe mangoes, this refreshing shake is the perfect balance of creamy and fruity.

Lamington Weight Loss Shake - Experience the classic Australian treat in a new way with our irresistible Lamington shake. Rich chocolate, fluffy coconut, and creamy vanilla blend perfectly in very sip for a truly decadent and satisfying taste.

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