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Are the Shakes low sugar?Updated 6 months ago

Yes, all of our shakes are 99% sugar free.

Yes all of the shakes are classified as low sugar according to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

For example our shakes have only 0.5g to 1.2g of sugar per serve.

The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code states that for a food item to be labelled "low sugar" it must contain less than 2.5g of sugar per 100mL of liquid food. 

If we compare our shakes to the Australian Government "low sugar" requirements the results are as follows.

Dukes Weight Loss Shakes
Grams of Sugar per 350 mL serve.Grams of Sugar per 100 mL.Australian Government "Low sugar" threshold per 100mL% Below the Government threshold for "low sugar"
Shake -  Chocolate0.50.142.594%
Shake -  Vanilla1.10.312.587%
Shake -  Strawberry1.20.342.586%
Shake -  Coffee1.20.342.586%
Shake -  Banana Bread1.20.342.586%
Shake -  Caramel1.20.342.586%
Shake -  Mint Choc0.50.142.594%
Shake -  Choc Malt0.60.172.593%
Shake - Mango1.00.282.586%
Shake - Lamington0.60.172.593%

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